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Participation in ISSP 2014: the International Summer School of Photography 2014 took place in Pelči, Kuldīga district near Riga, Latvia, from 2 - 10 August 2014, hosting 71 participants from 26 countries. more info

EXHIBITION: dislocation - European Month of Photography, Berlin

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Group exhibition, part of the 6th European "Monat der Fotografie" in Berlin

Schliemannstrasse 10 10437 Berlin

17 October - 2 November 2014

Travelers know the placeless, dislocated feeling when waking up in the morning in a strange place, wondering for a brief moment where they are. With the disappearance of external borders and increasing mobility in all areas of life, the feeling of rootlessness is a growing sensation. This sentiment is investigated by five photographers connected through the Ostkreuz School for Photography. The images show deserted villages as empty shells, uniform supermarkets as interchangeable facades - the end is "anyplace nowhere," everything is the same, and as Europeans we feel ourselves to be utter strangers. All these facets are initially reflections of social processes, subjectively perceived and definitively observed. The representation presented here goes beyond sober documentation and follows an empathic consideration. There arise absorbing screen fictions that fill in the "missing links” and bring the void of utopian "reality spaces" into the sphere of their own projections.

with Absolutplus Galerie, Berlin

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